ENERGOIN TRAFO d.o.o is a manufacturing company located in Visoko , Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company’s core business consists of transformers for a large region covering  Bosnia and  Herzegovina, Turkey, Balkans, Europe, Middle East, Africa, CIS Countries and Russia. 

The company target is to be the market leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe for distribution transformers and offers packaged solutions based on customer requirements.

It has always been the company’s aim to contribute safe deliveries to customers right through to the end user. This is best done through proximity to the market over time, know-how built up over time and satisfied customers who impose exacting demands on us as a supplier. Proven products, good delivery routines and excellent customer service further strengthen customer relationships.

ENERGOIN TRAFO d.o.o product portfolio includes Power Transformers at 5000 kVA and 72.5 kV voltage level and above, Oil Immersed Type Distribution Transformers(Hermetic and Conservator Tank type), Dry Type(Cast Resin) Transformers and Renewable Energy(Solar and Wind) Transformers up to 5000 kVA power and 36kV voltage level.