Routine tests, type tests and special tests are applied to oil-type distribution and power transformers according to TS 267 EN 60076-1 standards. Also, tests are performed according to ANSI/NEMA /CSA standards in our laboratory. Following tests are applied to Every transformer in standard. The most important target of ENERGOIN TRAFO is to present transformers operating for long years to customers. In accordance with this target, our quality and control departments work thoroughly on each project.

  All transformers undergo standardized routine testing and a test report is drawn up at our test facility. The following tests are applied:
 • Measurement of the winding resistances 
• Measurement of transformer ratio and determination of the vector group 
• Test with applied voltage (external voltage test) 
• Test with induced voltage (internal voltage test) 
• Measurement of no-load currents and no-load losses 
• Measurement of winding losses and short-circuit voltage
Type tests and special testing are also performed in our test facility or an external test facility on customer request:
• Noise measurement
• Temperature rise measurement
• Short-circuit resistance
• Surge voltage test
• Oil analyses