Low voltage and high voltage windings in Distribution and Power transformers are constituted by using round and profile electrolytic copper or aluminum, Class-A or other Class isolation paper and transformer press board materials with convenient winding techniques according to the current and voltage situations. Low and high voltage windings are resistable to atmospheric shock wave in cylinder or oval winding type. Mechanical pressing is applied against short circuit dynamic forces. Adequate axial and radial channels are left for cooling of the windings.

Magnetic Circuit

Cores of high quality is manufactured from cold rolled silicon steel. Total thickness determines the power transformers will be manufactured, as well as the quality of the magnetic permeability is expressed in units of gauss. MOH quality with high magnetic permeability 0.18, 0.20, 0.23, 0.27, 0.30 mm thickness are used in the Western European electrical steel manufacture. After that quality control department with the approval received, transformers and voltage of the power is cut according to the size of the project and the process is subjected to a series of core sheets.

Active Part And Assembly

Core, coil and top cover assembly are built up to resist the predicted short circuit mechanical forces. Active part including the top cover is mounted to the tank with bolts in Standard transformers. Applications that mount the active part directly to the tank are present depending on the customer demand.All connection elements on the top cover and High Voltage bushing arching horns are made of stainless or anti-corrosive special coated material. Top Cover arrangement is created according to the contract or customer demand.


Tanks and top covers are made of soft steel. Cooling surfaces of distribution transformers consist of corrugated walls. These walls also form sides of transformer tank. Base plate, sides and frame are seal welded. Corrugated wall can be used as cooling surface of the transformer. Radiators can also be used as cooling surfaces.After welding, each tank should pass oil leakage test. For this reason, pressure is applied to every tank after production. Tanks and top covers finished are sandblasted according to the DIN standards. If the customer has special requirements or various demands for sandblasting, our company has facilities to meet these. It is also possible to cover the bushings on top cover inside a box made of plate convenient to IEC 60144. Also, cable box can be mounted on the sides of the tank according to BS 2562.


Transformers are in color RAL 7033 as standard. Tanks are painted by flow coating and spraying method. Method of painting is chosen according to customer demand and working conditions of the transformer. Transformers in different applications (zinc coating), different film thicknesses and different colors can be offered according to customer demand. Also, hot-dip galvanized tanks can be manufactured if requested.